How I Made This Masterpiece

Follow these quick screenshots of how I made my video of Spain!

First, you need to take all of the footage. For me, I used a GoPro for the videos, and my IPhone X for the pictures.

After taking all of the footage you have to download it in the GoPro app and save the ones you like to your desktop, or in my case my IPad (it is hard traveling with a computer).

Next, open the application you are going to use and download all of the media you want and start editing away! I decided to you IMovie.

You then want to pick a song and add it in!

After I found a song I liked and added all of the footage and pictures I wanted to, I downloaded an application to be able to make a few postcards. I decided that was the best way to add in the design aspect of this class. I will definitely use this application again. It was easy and cool!

I then added a few text boxes to my video and uploaded it to YouTube!

Make sure it is there and add the link!

Thank You and Goodnight.

The story of my most recent adventure.

Ever since the summer before my freshman year of college, I have had the urge to travel. As you know, my dad is an airline pilot for Delta and I certainly take advantage of the cheap tickets around the world. I was a naïve passenger on my way to Iceland for the first time and after that trip I was hooked. Every trip I have taken I learn a little more about the ways of traveling, the do’s and don’t’s. I always think I have it down but for some reason every different trip, every different country, and every person I decide to take with me, teaches me something new. When traveling to a different country you have to have a good travel companion. One that is similar to you so they don’t hold you back and vise versa. I have been so fortunate to be able to bring some of my best friends on some of the greatest adventures. Adventures that made me so many new memories that always makes me dread putting my passport away for the summer.

This trip to Spain came at the perfect time. I decided to name my blog “catchingflight” because of my love for traveling and this end of the semester assignment fit perfectly for me. When I planed this trip I had no idea what our final project would be, but I hoped I could incorporate videos I had taken on previous trips. I asked my dad to bid a trip to Madrid so I could fly with him, which was an invigorating experience that I have loved since I was little. I feel so special when he is up in the cockpit and I get to share this experience with him. While these trips for my dad are a bit more expensive, the memories are worth it! My regular travel partners were unable to come this year, so I asked my boyfriend, Bryce, to go share this unforgettable experience with me.

When flying standby, you never know what seat you are going to get. Where or even if you will be on the plane at all is a hope. Luckily, Bryce and I got on the flight my dad was piloting and we were off to Spain. When we touched down in Madrid, we took a nap because my dad had been awake all night. We finally awoke around noon and Madrid was in the palm of our hands just waiting for us to experience it. We visited the palace, and learned the scandalous history of the previous King of Spain who was abdicated in 2014. The reason for the abdication was mainly due to his infidelities and big game hunting during a time of recession and wide spread unemployment. We also went to a few bars and ended an incredible day with a flamenco show. Just to see the culture of course! Exhaustedly, we went to sleep and the next day I said adios to my dad as he flew home for work.

Bryce and I still had a bit of an adventure ahead of us because we still had one day in Madrid, two in Valencia, two in Ibiza, and finally two in Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately, you will not see the rest of this unforgettable trip because the assignment is due a little too early!

Capturing the footage, photography, and other visuals and digital media’s seen in the video was a pleasure within itself. The assignment felt less like an assignment to me, and more like and opportunity to create something truly unforgettable. I enjoyed each and every part of it. The footage was captured all throughout the days in Madrid, Valencia and one in Ibiza. Enjoy my final assignment, but more importantly my incredible life and definitely stay tuned for my next adventure!

Please enjoy!

My Favorite Trip? It is Hard to Say.

Earlier this semester when learning about audio we were asked how much experience we had. I said that I did not have much, but I showed you a video I made on my trip to Africa. You can watch that video, but this video capturing my experience in Belgium was definitely my favorite.

Luckily, I have the privilege to have been on many breathtaking trips, but this Belgium trip was dear to my heart. With my entire family there, the trip was beautiful. My brother Taylor and I’s favorite movie is called In Bruges and the entire movie takes place there. So, the combination of the movie scenery and my family together made for a memorable experience; one that will not be forgotten. Despite the vulgarity of the movie, I highly recommend watching it.

Take a look at the assignment below!

Potato Potáto (You Know What I Mean)

The idea of this assignment was to creatively reinvent a nursery rhyme. The Little Boy and the Little Girl originally ended with a happy ending and a kiss. Simply, yet creatively, the story was altered drastically by changing the kiss, to a killing. While brainstorming for props to use in the staged mini play, potato heads caught my eye as I can alter the the wardrobe and even found a sword as a prop, which is fitting, I know. The approach taken on this assignment was to film the props using a puppeteer, a narrator, and vocal actors. Out of all the recent assignments, creating this one was most enjoyable because it provided ample guidelines, while still maximizing creativity.


Doggos on Doggos

Doggos Doggos Doggos. A term coined from twitter that embodies the slang and a comedic use of the word dog. Quite honestly, the word Doggos is what inspired and had the greatest impact on the creation of this short film. When thinking of dogs, more specifically, my dogs, I think of playful animals that are free-spirited. So, based on new and old film of the three dogs, the silliest and cutest parts were compiled. Ozzie (the husky) and Ellie (the Australian Shepherd) are well trained and hardly bark, so the puppy named Kennedy (golden retriever) provided the perfect satirical moment as she barked and fell over. Combined with the nature of “who let the dogs out” song, the Doggos provided the perfect conception of them within a video. Moreover, Doggos is just incredibly fun to say.

Check out the (fake) dictionary definition of doggos

And here is the assignment

Day in the Life

Have you ever wished to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Well, luckily, theres documentation of nearly every important step taken on this recent trip to Spain. The day began at my house tackling various tasks to prepare for the long trek to Europe. Such a trip requires much preparation and seemingly thousands of steps back and forth throughout the house to pack. This video dives deeper into the journey itself as we begin the drive to the airport.  From the driveway, to the arrival lot, two airports, and finally the end destination of Madrid, Spain. These feet take the viewer on a journey that truly captures the essence of traveling. Walk a mile in someones shoes? How about just watch a video of mine to make it easier?



Here is the assignment if you’d like to take a look!

Get to Learn How to Create a Great Film!


When watching this one-point perspective it was fascinating because I found myself staring at the middle of the screen for the entire short clip. When everything important is happening or moving in the middle of the screen there is no need to move your eyes anywhere else. It seemed like all of the other characters or objects who were surrounding the main character in the middle of the screen were not important at all. Not even important enough to look at for a quick second. This changed my point of view when creating videos because if the frame is completely centered, but you still want people to see the backgrounds or sides of the frame too, you need to position your angles correctly. This goes along with Ebert’s golden ratio for video.


 There are many people around the world who do not like scary movies, and I am one of them. To me I cannot find the right balance between needing a blanket to cover my eyes, but getting so hot and sweating you cannot afford to have a blanket on. And when you throw another person’s body heat in the mix it is not a good situation. So, most people of the world and I steer clear of scary movies.

This video on zoom was based off ‘The Shining.’ It is a scary movie that came out in 1980. It was hard for me to watch this short clip not because it is very scary, but the music reminds me of the scariness of the films. When I got over that initial impression, I found it interesting how they decided to go about showing zoom. At first it leads your eyes to the first little box of a man sleeping. The doorbell rings and it starts to zoom out. Through out the video more boxes pop up and show more examples of zoom. Each of the boxes were either zooming in directly on a person’s face so you can see the fear, or slowly zooming out so you can see the whole action and room.

It is very interesting to note that when thinking about the view of production, the character’s facial expression or movements could not change at all, but the way the camera is zooming in or out can change how our minds interpret the whole thing.

The Down

The down angle is another example of what Ebert was communicating with us about in his article. Ebert learned when the camera is facing up it shows that specific character has superiority over the character that is not seen.

When watching this video about the first 30 seconds only pictured different scenes of individuals in occupations one might think of as superior. There were doctors and surgeons, a military officer, detectives and cowboys. In normal day to day life, besides maybe the cowboys, these individuals would have superiority over who ever they encounter.

Then the video moves on to normal people who are in some way superior to whoever is below them. In most of these examples it seems likely the people below them are either dead, injured or about to be both. It is interesting that a slight upward angle makes a big difference.

All I know is it changed my view of production because I do not ever want to be below the camera frame!


Match Cut

Have you ever noticed the commercials that use match cut? To me they are my favorite. I think it is very cool how you can incorporate different individuals doing different things with their days, all with one product. I never knew what this type of video was called so it was awesome to learn.

While the video of this assignment does teach the watcher about the match cut, it is done in 12 seconds.

Since I enjoyed it so much I decided to find another excellent video that allows you to watch and learn more about the match cut! These scenes are so awesome because again it incorporates two completely different items or ideas or people and creates a similar contrast between them.

Take a look at these other examples!

How to Read a What? Yes… a Movie!

When I was reading Robert Ebert’s short piece there were many things going through my mind. When most folks, including myself, watch a movie we do not tend to pay attention to every small detail presented by the director. The viewer will take in all of the big scenes and put them together into an overall theme. This is the way I have always watched movies, but Ebert’s article and the way he watches a movie has changed my opinion.

While this article was a short one there was a lot of useful information. Some of the information he talked about, we have already learned through our photography lessons. I guess in a way photography and cinematography are similar. It is all about the angles and visual compositions. One way they are the same is what Ebert calls the ‘golden ratio.’ This is equivalent to the rule of thirds in photography. It says that a person located somewhat to the right of center is ideal. When this person is more toward the right they are more positive, and if this person is to the left they are more negative. Ebert believes the right centered character is the strong axis. This also goes along with the idea of positive and negative. He thinks there is a tendency of your mind to believe people on the right represent the future, and people on the left represent the past. And that the person on the right seems to appear more dominant than the person on the right.

All of these things he educates us on are very useful but you will not know what is going on until you immerse yourself in the art of movies and angles and scenes.

Are You Sure This Didn’t Happen?

By the amount we talk about this idea of alternate history, you may think it actually happened. While this audio story may or may not have convince you, I can assure you there were in fact Founding Fathers of the United States.  However, there would not be these great men who molded our country without their strong, powerful and intelligent wives.

I struggled with this assignment the most out of the entire summer session so far. A few days ago my boyfriend and I were driving to go hiking and we were talking about this class and the current assignment. We thought of this great idea that I did not want to get away from me. So I decided to pull out my phone  and start recording. It took me a little while to get comfortable enough to even talk and play back the story in front of him.

So take a listen, or don’t…. but here you go!


5 (or 7.5) Additional Stars

Extra Assignments 

There are two additional assignments this week that are due. Given a list of possible creative design choices, the first one that I chose was to create an audio setting to describe what it is like to bring a reader to a specific place by just sound. While I chose a path that is very typical… close your eyes and let me take you on an audio trip!  

What was it? The metro speaker’s voice? or the traffic, taxi calling and honking in the background? That’s right it is New York City. NYC has always been a happening city with a whole lot of hustle and bustle!

Have you ever been to NYC? Comment below. 

This part of the assignment was worth 4 stars. 

The second assignment I chose was one where you had to chose a song in one genre and find a remix of the song in a different genre.

When I was on a boat with my boyfriend and his brother his brother played a song that sounded so familiar to me. It was not until a little later in the day I realized exactly where i knew the song from. The original version of Ready or Not is by the Fugees and it came out in 1996. The genre to this specific song is rap and hip-hop. If you are not into this type of music you can get the gist of the song and how it relates to the next song in the first 32 seconds. However, if you do not have Apple music to listen to any song go to the preview and continue to listen until there is a break in the rapping.

*when you get click the hyperlink it will take you to both artist’s album. Double click the song Ready or Not and listen to the whole preview*

The song I am comparing it to is Bridgit Mendler’s song Ready or Not as well. This song was released in 2012. However, this genre is associated with pop. While the words are very similar to each other the songs could not be anymore different.

I think personally I like the pop version because that is my favorite type of music. I love when you can just listen to a song and it can make you feel better.

Take a listen to both songs and let me know what you think about them!

I know I went over in the allowed number of stars, but I was looking through all 23 pages of assignments and these were the two that I really wanted to do.