On February 19th , 1998, my dad stopped flying for the U.S Navy and decided to venture into the commercial airline business.  I didn’t know it then because I actually was not born yet, but that day was the best day of my little life to come. February 19th was 9 days before I was born, which is a significant time for a career change with a new baby. My dad was completing his simulations in Atlanta, GA, and left my mom at home for a little while pregnant, already taking care of 2 kids and expecting a 3rd any day. In the morning of the 28, my dad heard his name called over the airport loudspeaker. He went to a phone to see what was wrong, and they told him he had a deadhead ticket to Jacksonville, FL, where my mom was in labor. A deadhead ticket is when the airline company, which is Delta, guarantees an employee a seat on the plane to get to their destination instead of flying standby. Within a little over a week, my dad had gained the greatest career and his favorite little girl! Little did I know, my dad taking that job was the best day of my future life. I have been fortunate enough to have seen more of the world by 20 than most people see in their life. My dad works so hard everyday to give me this opportunity, while my mom has taught me since I was little to respect, learn, and love new cultures and experiences. So, with my ability to fly virtually for free, I travel the world. There are so many places on this earth I would love to explore, and fortunately for me I will be given the opportunity.

As a student at the University Mary Washington, I travel the world with any free chance I get. Whether that be fall break, winter break, or summer break, you can catch me flying to my favorite place on earth: the airport. Sadly, since I am a lacrosse player for the University, spring break is packed full of practices and games, which does not allow for a trip. Sometimes lacrosse can be a hinderance for my experiences, but I love the sport so much. Also, lacrosse as led me to some of my favorite travel partners. My best friend on the team and roommate Dalaney and I have the greatest trips together and are completely compatible when it comes to traveling. Over the years I’ve learned that compatibility with your traveling partners is a key characteristic and vital to the overall success of the trip.


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