Midweek and End of the Week Summaries

Final Week Final post 

On the 5th week by now you should be a professional at checking out my Daily Creates!  They have been fun little quick artistic assignments that have finally come to an end. Enjoy my daily creates one last time!

As you also know by now I am so in love with traveling. I have seen a lot of the world for a 20 year old college student, but I have not seen it all. I’m sad to say you have followed me thus far with my travels, but we will end this blog with Spain. This trip to Spain came at the perfect time for the final assignment for the class and I loved creating this assignment for all of you and I am so proud of this video. Read my story and put the sound on loud!

Finally, check out the steps I used to create this masterpiece!

xoxo abby.

Week 4 post 

For me, this week started out a little rough. You can read below about how I struggled a little with learning about the film making. I have always been one to be good as putting together videos, and definitely one to go on the trips and get the footage. The end of the week got better for me because I was allowed to get creative and do what I love.

Our assignment was to complete “12 stars” of work from the assignment bank. I went through the 21 odd numbered pages to find the perfect videos to meet my creative needs. The first video I decided to make was the A Day in the Life. As you will see this video came at the perfect timing because I was on my wait to Spain! My blog is called CatchingFlight and this captures my life perfectly!

The second video was one that is very important to me. While I tried to do more challenging assignments that were worth more stars I found myself needing to do this one. This video shows my dogs and they are as important to my family as the people!

I struggled with the next assignment because I definitely limited myself on what video would satisfy the need of at least a 3 star assignment based on the Question of the Week. While I completed the assignment and used minimal but a crucial letter change, it made it more difficult to create a video. That is where Mr. and Mrs. Potato head come into play…. Watch it here!

Finally, the last video to satisfy the 12 stars was about my favorite trip. While I am in Spain now, which might end up being my favorite, the one I decided to make the video on was Bruges, Belgium! It is most definitely a fairytale town and if you have the opportunity to go, do not miss out! However, if you do not, you can always watch my video and be apart of my family for a few moments!

As always as we conclude this week, check out my daily creates.

As this week concluded it ended up meaning a lot to me. My favorite part about this week was I was able to put together some videos of my favorite things in this world and do it in a fun creative way. I am most proud of the video of my feet because personally I think I added a cool spin to it by making it a suspense filled movie trailer. If I had to change on thing, I think I would actually have changed my Question of the Week in order to make this assignment better. I tried though! I am most looking forward to the final project to show you my awesome trip to Spain! Talk to you guys soon, but for now adiòs!

Week 4 post 1

To my surprise this week was not very interesting to me. Throughout my life I have always loved creating videos and I try to do it everywhere I go. When learning about photography I acquired a lot of good knowledge I have been continuing to use now, but when learning about the techniques to make my videos better they did not really stick in my head. It has been a continual pattern of this class to learn by Wednesdays and do by Sundays, so I am looking forward to the more hands on assignments due on Sunday.

For once I actually did this midweek assignment in order by which it is presented to us on canvas. I started by reading the article by Robert Ebert of tips on how to read a movie. This article was interesting to me because it did remind me a lot of the photography tips we were given in the beginning of this course. I was able to make connections not only to this article and the video earlier in the semester, but also the knowledge remained in my head throughout this week and I could associate the 4 quick videos with the articles.

When scrolling through the videos we had to watch I ended up peaking over all of them instead of limiting myself to 4 videos.I figured I would give myself many options in case I did not enjoy others. I did not enjoy any of the other short clips except for the ones I chose. While the videos did not jump out and teach you what you need to know about point of production, they did give great examples and allow you to get creative and interpret the lessons yourself.

The most interesting part was the question of the week.It was assigned to change a nursey rhyme. I enjoyed this so much because nursery rhymes used to be a big deal to me when I was younger. When we were given this assignment and I got to pick one for myself to help modify I immediately grabbed my big book of nursery rhymes. After reminiscing over the rhymes and searching through the whole book one finally stood out to me. This nursey rhyme was not chosen out of laziness, but I thought it was very interesting how I only had to modify 1 letter and it completely changed the whole meaning of the rhyme. It turned this cute little children’s rhyme into an evil conversation between two little kids.

Lastly, check out my daily creates!

This week so far has taught me that you can be surprised by what you will enjoy and not enjoy. I thought audio would have been the worst for me because I love making videos, but so far I have not enjoyed this video making. Check back in a little later this week to see if this opinion has changed!

Week 3 post 2

This was the last week of my internship which is good for this class, but I did really enjoy working in the medical field. The first assignment I started with this week was the sound effect story. This idea of this assignment came easily to me. Over the past 7 weeks I have been living the life of a rural doctor in Jackson, TN. While most of my work was acute medicine, we did have a lot of chronic illnesses. The other day I was in the clinic checking in on a guy I had seen a few days prior. While not a lot of information can be provided due to HIPPA regulations, I just assumed he was in the clinic with a follow up question. As it turns out, the day prior he had had a massive heart attack. At the end of the day this patient had triple bypass surgery and now his life has changed forever. When I heard the news, I was shocked. I guess I should not have been because this patient was over the age of 70 and has had cardiology issues, but you never think of it in that way. When it was time to create this story I knew what I needed to do it on. Contrary to the ending of this short audio story, the patient is doing well and adjusting to his life change.

The next assignments that I decided to tackle was the 5 additional design work activities. In the beginning of this assignment I went through all 23 pages of the options we could choose from to see which ones I would enjoy the most. While I believe the two I chose surpass the additional 5 stars, I enjoyed creating them. The first I decided to do was the create a place by just using sound. I used the freesound.com and explored the page for hours. There were thousands of choices from which to choose and I decided to stick with a classic noisy scene. Take a listen to this audio settingfor 4 stars and try to guess where it is! The second alternative assignment I decided to do was I chose a song that was incorporated into two different genres. The first is a pop version that came out in 2012, while the second is hip-hop/rap that came out in 1996. Listeners digression is applied to the rap song, and If you do not want to listen, just listen to the first 15 seconds and you will see the connection. I was going to choose a different one but it is such a good comparison! Grab your head phones and take a listen!

If you have not already checked out my daily creates,check them out now! Also take a peek at how my classmates are doing!

The assignment I struggled with the most is the alternative history assignment. It was not about getting creative and imagining the Founding Mothers, but more so reflected my high school fears coming back. It was really hard for me to listen to my voice and even harder for me to actually post it to my blog.

As you know from the midweek summary below, this week meant a lot to me. I finished up an internship where I worked very hard and got to (kind of) get over a fear from high school. I enjoyed sharing with you a story from the clinic where I have been working all summer and letting my classmates in on another little piece of my life. I am most proud of how the audio story turned out. I really liked how I was able to layer the sounds. I think this added a whole new element of my story, and I hope it made it more interesting for you! If I could do this week over, I would spend more time adding more digital media sources into my blogs. I know they make it more interesting, but I was so busy I wasn’t sure what to do. Next week I will focus on doing more of that.

Week 3 post 1

The easiest part about this week were the two #dailycreates. I have finally gotten into a rhythm of checking Twitter every day to allow myself some room within the week if I do not like a specific daily create that day. The two I decided to do this week both mean a lot to me! Check them out!

While the rest of the assignments should have been more simple, I think I took them too far because I enjoyed them too much. With my recent time crunch and still living in Tennessee I was pleasantly shocked by how short Jab Abumard’s first and second videos were. Not only were they short but they were very interesting. I do not want to get into too much detail because trust me you will have plenty in my blog post!

Along with the video length of the two YouTube videos we had to watch I was again pleasantly surprised at the length of the Moon Graffiti audio story created by The Truth Podcast. When I was little I would always look up to the stars and wonder how far away they were and if I would ever get to visit them up close. While it does not look like going to the moon is in the cards for me, this audio story allowed me to enter the control moon, feel my toes dig into the moon’s sand, and get emotional with Nixon as he practices giving the speech they wrote for him in case Armstrong and Aldrin did not return home. Read the rest of my blog to really get a sense of how sound created these awesome illusions.

The beginning of this week unexpectedly meant a lot to me and made we more inclined to get good at audio storytelling and get over the fear of my own voice on a video. I am most proud of how invested I got into these videos. Out of all of the components thus far in D106, I thought this would have been the one I struggled the most with. While the week is not over, and there is plenty of time to struggle, I like how I was able to branch out of my comfort zone and just listen. If I could do the week over, I would have started earlier so I could be working on Sunday’s assignment right now. I am looking forward to being able to continue to explore the audio aspect of this class.

Week 2 Post 2

As you read below in the midweek summary, you know this was a rough week for me. Well, it definitely did not get easier. Right now it is Friday and I am working hard to complete the assignment due this Sunday because I am on call for 60 hours this weekend. When I am on call (for my internship) I could have 60 hours to do this assignment or 30 minutes. So for now, while I can carve out a few minutes, I would like to talk about my week.

First, before you dive into my story of the week, take a quick looks at my daily create posts! And follow me on Twitter to see them all the time!

It started out rough, but it ended in an even more difficult way. The only thing I had fun with this week was doing these assignments. It was a nice break from the chaos of the medical world. One minute I am talking to a patient and the next I am able to get on Photoshop and get creative. I really enjoyed my question of the week answer, so it made this week’s design work pleasurable. I struggled with the idea of creating a book entirely new, but then I remembered I am talking about such a significant event that there had to be book available that would fit my needs. I decided to leave the original book so you could see the difference. Check it out!

The next step to this assignment for me was getting creative for the alternate history assignment. This one was easy because I already had it planned out in my head. I would create a new constitution with the ladies who I have read about, looked up to, and actually was named in honor of. I did not care if they were alive at the time the crafting of the Constitution, but instead I took into consideration the impact they have had on our great nation.

I was stressed when dealing with the four alternate design assignments blog. I mostly did not think I would have time to complete this midweek assignment. Then I started to create the woman on the beach porch and I actually had fun with it. I was able to get creative and had my own choices of which four to choose. Not only that, but two of the four designs I chose to do allowed be to dive into personal stories which I loved sharing.

Finally, when given the assignment of commenting on my peer’s work, I was a little hesitant at first because I was nervous about how they would react to my blog and if they would get offended about what I would say about their work. However, I started by commenting on a mutual friend from school’s blog and it got easer from there. I realized that everyone has their own form of writing and ability to get creative, and it is okay to say what’s on your mind to your own classmate’s work.


Tell the Bigger Story

This week meant a lot to me. It taught me how to balance real life work, both in a medical clinic and school work, but also find a way to enjoy your time. I really liked creating all of the designs and showing my artistic capabilities. I am most proud of the constitution because I think it was a very cool idea and learning how to make it happen on Photoshop was a very useful and awesome thing! If I could do this week over I would change when I started working on Wednesdays assignment. I stressed myself out so much and got down on myself when I shouldn’t have. I am looking forward to continuing my knowledge of digital design!

Week 2 Post 1

This week was a little different from last week. Instead of being home with a totally open schedule I am in Tennessee finishing up my 7-week summer internship in the medical profession. I flew back from Maryland on Sunday. Sitting in Starbucks trying to finish Sunday’s assignment and start today’s really got the best of me. I am still trying to get the hang of this class and hoping every week gets a little easier. It is easier not due to the material, but instead because I am beginning to learn and it is getting more fun.

The first step for this week was watching the TED talks. I actually enjoyed both of the videos greatly although I liked Carson’s a great deal more than Scher’s. Carson’s was funny, intriguing and it provided the most comical visual examples. While Carson’s was more pleasing to watch Scher is so successful that it was interesting to listen to her success story and how she became the designer she is today. After I was done the two videos I actually started on the #designblitz activitiy. I was so inspired by design work that I went rummaging through the house where I am currently living in search of cool designs that fit the  8 Basic Principles of Design . In my humble opinion, I took interesting pictures that fit the definition of the principles and posted them on Instagram. In the previous week, it was said that there is no harm in editing your images so I made them look more visually appealing using VSCO.

The next step to this week for me was thinking about the question of the week. If you could change one thing in our history what would it be? While I do not want to give away too much of my answer because you can find it within my blog, it did take a great deal of thought. I could have gone with a question like “What if Abe Lincoln survived his assassination” but that would go indepth about the ideas of reconstruction and how they were drastically different from the next president’s which set African Americans back greatly, or I could have picked a question like “Where would our country be if we had Founding Mothers instead of Founding Fathers”. A question like this gave me freedom and allowed me to be creative on my blog.

Finally, the last step was writing about the TED talks and the tutorials.

Week 1 Part 2

This week was challenging for me. There are always difficulties in beginning a new class. Not only have I never had a blog before, but I am in an intensive internship in Tennessee. I have been balancing my workload and work, and learning a new program has been difficult. There are so many different ways to do it and many different sites that need to be checked. It is hard to keep up.  While I am still trying to figure it out slowly, I am learning! Take a look at my daily creates and my other social networks! http://catchingflight.com/social-media/  

You can also see them via Twitter @bernhardtumw.

I found the photography tips to be useful and the video to be a good tool however, most of them were definitely a review. I thought the Abandoned America page was very interesting. I loved watching the video of the tips and actually being able to apply them to a professional photographers site. It made me realize how my photos could improve. Finally, when doing the Photoblitz assignment I learned how much fun you can have with photography and getting creative. While it was a little contradictory because the video and tips say take your time and wait for the perfect picture, I, as quickly as possible, snapped the photos I needed. You can read more on my thoughts about these assignments on: http://catchingflight.com/uncategorized/all-about-making-your-photos-better/

However, if you would like to only see the images from my photoblitz, check it out here! http://catchingflight.com/uncategorized/ready-set-go/

The next few posts, are may visualization assignment blog posts. There are six of them, so take your time and enjoy! They start here! http://catchingflight.com/uncategorized/can-you-visualize-my-bucket-list/

The bigger picture of this week is that it was a challenging one, but I feel accomplished and proud. I hope this week means to me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and calm down. I am most proud of the fact I wanted to give up on doing both the class and the internship at the same time just because it is challenging.  Instead, I tried to figure out a way to work through it.  If I could do the week over, I would change when I started the assignment. I think starting a blog early and keeping on top of it would be a very smart idea. In that way Sunday night would not include cramming and the posts will be better and well thought out. I am looking forward to being able to continue to grow my blog and tell my story.


 Week 1 Part 1


The easiest part about this midweek assignment was setting up our new social media accounts. In this day and age, people are constantly on their phones, hardly taking a second to look where they are walking. It is weird starting completely fresh with some platforms that I have been working with since middle school. While creating seven new social medias took five minutes, learning how to set up my blog took me almost 2 days. When answering What did this week mean to you?  the only thing that comes to my head is that it took a little while to figure it all out. Once I got on the right tract, I easily realized that I had a  passion for traveling. Personally it is not just the act of going somewhere new, but a mindset of learning, exploring, and accepting someone else’s home. It means a lot to me to look back on and share with all of you my pictures and memories. I love the fact I have the freedom to create this blog on something I love so much. What are you most proud of and why? I am most proud of the fact I was actually able to figure out how to create a blog in the first place. Especially because I struggled on how to do it for two days. Did you know that I have a math and science brain?   If you could do the week over, what would you change? If I could do this week over I would try to start earlier. I would really like to figure out how to organize my blog with a menu where I can place all of the assignments in the same section and just have the main page as my blog. I think it will capture a larger audience and allow people to surf my site as they please. What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to actually enjoying this class. I think the first day or two I was very stressed because I was unclear on how to actually set up my blog. However, if I am able to continue to write about and share the stories of my travels, this will not be work for a class, but a way of expressing a passion of mine that is not just playing lacrosse on a field, or studying in a library.