Taylor Flying Through the Charts

I think this picture is comical because it involves two things I really enjoy. Taylor Swift and an airplane. This pop star is very out of place, but I think she still looks so cool! Hopefully she doesn’t fall.

I Wish This Visualization Post Was Real

When I first got to Mary Washington, I was so sad to leave my dogs at home. I always told my mom that college is great, but it is missing two very important pieces of my life… my mom and my dog. If bringing your dog to college was as easy as photoshop everyone would do it!

What the Heck is That?!

Can you guess what this is? This relates to my midweek question because I cannot go on any adventure without this item! Can you guess what it is?! It might not be what you expect!

Take a Breath and Call Your Mom?

When I am stressed and cannot seem to get myself out of a funk, these are my peaceful places. The top left shows the side of me that is just happier in Europe. The top right are the two people in my life who are always there for a hug or a kick in the butt when needed. They are my peaceful place by just knowing they have my back. The bottom left shows my mom, but also my sister. My sister is one of my best friends and I know I can go to her for anything. And finally, the bottom right is my boyfriend. He is my peaceful place because I can just be myself around him and have the best time.


Can You Visualize My Bucket List?

As you can tell from this blog and my midweek question, I love adventures. The top four on my bucket list are shown above. I think shark cage diving and skydiving would give me the thrill I always crave. However, traveling to Turkey and going on an African safari satisfies the craving in me to travel and see the world.

Ready Set Go…

I decided to do this assignment in my mom’s home office. I was sitting around one day with my mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend and I was reading the assignment. I knew my sister’s boyfriend would want to help be a subject so I decided to do it right then and there. I felt like this assignment was a great experience. It was fun running around my house trying to figure out which picture and objects would best capture the statement. The photos that worked the best for me were the ones that were not very complex. While I am very competitive and wanted to finish all of the pictures, I do not think they are the best they could be because I was more concerned about how many bullet points I could actually complete, and not as much by the quality of pictures that I shot. Ironically,  this was one of the tips. Once you are in the habit of something it is hard to slow down, take a breath, and just snap a really good picture. I think the most inventive picture was the one with my sister holding her iPhone with my DS106 Instagram account up. I think you will agree that  it is a very cool and clear picture as well as motivating to my followers of my blog to follow all of my social networks.

I started the time at 11:21 am.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

While taking a photo dominated by a single color should be the easiest, I actually struggled with it quite a bit. It was not a good sign because this was the very first prompt, but I did not want a close up picture of a wall, or a table. So instead I filled most of the photo with a color, that of a chalk board, but still gave the image a bit of contrast.

It was a bright sunny day outside but there were few shadows in the interior.  I noticed, looking out of the window of my mom’s office, that the cars had interesting shadows. However, as I ran downstairs and out the door, I stubbled upon this image….

Processed with VSCO with fs1 preset

With something futuristic, I got a little creative. I decided to take  a photo of my sister holding her iPhone looking at my Instagram account. Social networks will continue to be our future whether individuals adapt to them or not.

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

I think this is an unusual angle.  Do you?

Processed with VSCO with fp2 preset

When I read a photograph a bright light, being 20 years old in the middle of this ‘cell-phone-attached-to-the-hip’ era, all I could think of is the phone flashlight. However, I decided to add a layer to the photo by including a Navy sweatshirt.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

I do not really like feet, so the only person wearing shoes in the room at the time was my sister.

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I really like this photo because my dad has always wanted a goat, and he just got this little statue the day before. As soon as I read this prompt I ran downstairs and it was the first thing I thought of.

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

I think out of all of the photos, this one is probably the worst, and took the longest. Out of my whole house I could not figure out what to do for this one.  So again, I decided to use where the chalkboard frames connect.

My mom is very into interior design, so as soon as I read the repeating pattern, I immediately grabbed a pattern book.

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

I am a huge dog girl, and I think this picture is very cool. I moved the camera perfectly so you can still see Kennedy, but she is blurred and it shows motion.

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

This photo is very similar to the futuristic photo, however, it is a photo looking through a frame.

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

If this photo doesn’t make you smile and bring joy to you, I do not know what would.

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Is this a photograph? I do not know.  You tell me.

I think this one is goofy and does not completely represent the metaphor for complexity, but I’m sure he is thinking very hard!

Most of these pictures were edited with VSCO.

I did this assignment in 11 minutes because I like to compete.

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All About Making Your Photos Better

When watching the video on tips for improving your photography, there were very few tips that I have never thought of but  one was get pickier. I think it is easy, especially when you are snapping with your phone, to just take multiple pictures and then analyze them. However, if you really take your time and plan your picture perfectly, you do not need to waste time looking through hundreds of photos to find the perfect one. I am a culprit of taking the same pictures over and over even if they are slightly different because of the subjects. The tip on studying depth and searching for dimension and distance will help me create better images. Since I read the tips I have gotten better at balance and finding the rule of thirds in all of my pictures.

When analyzing the Rosewood Center in Owing Mills, Md, and specificially Smashed Organ photograph, you understand the tips and techniques. For example, I see the get balanced technique. You can see that the organ itself falls into the center of the thirds rule. This is also a great foreground in front of a great background. In the fore ground you can see the story of the broken organ, but in the background there are chairs and tables knocked over, and dust everywhere. This picture is the ultimate definition of abandonment and jives with my vison of post-apocalyptic because it seems like something bad happened and this is all that is left.

This assignment was interesting to me because you its creativity. I completed my assignment with my sister’s boyfriend, my sister, and my mom. While I took all of the photos, they were there simply for the fun of it. We laughed as we quickly read a prompt and ran to the first spot I could think of that fit the assignment. I decided to do it in my house because I would have everything I needed in a relatively close area. Since I am a college athlete, competitions are always fun for me, and I looked at this as if it were a competition. I finished all of the pictures in 11 minutes, however there were a few that I struggled with.   An example is the prompt to take a photo with converging lines to draw us into the photo. This prompt took me the longest and I still am not very happy with how it turned out, but we only had 15 minutes. I think the most innovative photo is the one where my sister has my DS Instagram up. I believe this picture is cool and it also is a good advertisement for my Instgram.

Hello world!

On February 19th , 1998, my dad stopped flying for the U.S Navy and decided to venture into the commercial airline business.  I didn’t know it then because I actually was not born yet, but that day was the best day of my little life to come. February 19th was 9 days before I was born, which is a significant time for a career change with a new baby. My dad was completing his simulations in Atlanta, GA, and left my mom at home for a little while pregnant, already taking care of 2 kids and expecting a 3rd any day. In the morning of the 28, my dad heard his name called over the airport loudspeaker. He went to a phone to see what was wrong, and they told him he had a deadhead ticket to Jacksonville, FL, where my mom was in labor. A deadhead ticket is when the airline company, which is Delta, guarantees an employee a seat on the plane to get to their destination instead of flying standby. Within a little over a week, my dad had gained the greatest career and his favorite little girl! Little did I know, my dad taking that job was the best day of my future life. I have been fortunate enough to have seen more of the world by 20 than most people see in their life. My dad works so hard everyday to give me this opportunity, while my mom has taught me since I was little to respect, learn, and love new cultures and experiences. So, with my ability to fly virtually for free, I travel the world. There are so many places on this earth I would love to explore, and fortunately for me I will be given the opportunity.

As a student at the University Mary Washington, I travel the world with any free chance I get. Whether that be fall break, winter break, or summer break, you can catch me flying to my favorite place on earth: the airport. Sadly, since I am a lacrosse player for the University, spring break is packed full of practices and games, which does not allow for a trip. Sometimes lacrosse can be a hinderance for my experiences, but I love the sport so much. Also, lacrosse as led me to some of my favorite travel partners. My best friend on the team and roommate Dalaney and I have the greatest trips together and are completely compatible when it comes to traveling. Over the years I’ve learned that compatibility with your traveling partners is a key characteristic and vital to the overall success of the trip.