Thank You and Goodnight.

The story of my most recent adventure.

Ever since the summer before my freshman year of college, I have had the urge to travel. As you know, my dad is an airline pilot for Delta and I certainly take advantage of the cheap tickets around the world. I was a naïve passenger on my way to Iceland for the first time and after that trip I was hooked. Every trip I have taken I learn a little more about the ways of traveling, the do’s and don’t’s. I always think I have it down but for some reason every different trip, every different country, and every person I decide to take with me, teaches me something new. When traveling to a different country you have to have a good travel companion. One that is similar to you so they don’t hold you back and vise versa. I have been so fortunate to be able to bring some of my best friends on some of the greatest adventures. Adventures that made me so many new memories that always makes me dread putting my passport away for the summer.

This trip to Spain came at the perfect time. I decided to name my blog “catchingflight” because of my love for traveling and this end of the semester assignment fit perfectly for me. When I planed this trip I had no idea what our final project would be, but I hoped I could incorporate videos I had taken on previous trips. I asked my dad to bid a trip to Madrid so I could fly with him, which was an invigorating experience that I have loved since I was little. I feel so special when he is up in the cockpit and I get to share this experience with him. While these trips for my dad are a bit more expensive, the memories are worth it! My regular travel partners were unable to come this year, so I asked my boyfriend, Bryce, to go share this unforgettable experience with me.

When flying standby, you never know what seat you are going to get. Where or even if you will be on the plane at all is a hope. Luckily, Bryce and I got on the flight my dad was piloting and we were off to Spain. When we touched down in Madrid, we took a nap because my dad had been awake all night. We finally awoke around noon and Madrid was in the palm of our hands just waiting for us to experience it. We visited the palace, and learned the scandalous history of the previous King of Spain who was abdicated in 2014. The reason for the abdication was mainly due to his infidelities and big game hunting during a time of recession and wide spread unemployment. We also went to a few bars and ended an incredible day with a flamenco show. Just to see the culture of course! Exhaustedly, we went to sleep and the next day I said adios to my dad as he flew home for work.

Bryce and I still had a bit of an adventure ahead of us because we still had one day in Madrid, two in Valencia, two in Ibiza, and finally two in Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately, you will not see the rest of this unforgettable trip because the assignment is due a little too early!

Capturing the footage, photography, and other visuals and digital media’s seen in the video was a pleasure within itself. The assignment felt less like an assignment to me, and more like and opportunity to create something truly unforgettable. I enjoyed each and every part of it. The footage was captured all throughout the days in Madrid, Valencia and one in Ibiza. Enjoy my final assignment, but more importantly my incredible life and definitely stay tuned for my next adventure!

Please enjoy!

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