5 (or 7.5) Additional Stars

Extra Assignments 

There are two additional assignments this week that are due. Given a list of possible creative design choices, the first one that I chose was to create an audio setting to describe what it is like to bring a reader to a specific place by just sound. While I chose a path that is very typical… close your eyes and let me take you on an audio trip!  

What was it? The metro speaker’s voice? or the traffic, taxi calling and honking in the background? That’s right it is New York City. NYC has always been a happening city with a whole lot of hustle and bustle!

Have you ever been to NYC? Comment below. 

This part of the assignment was worth 4 stars. 

The second assignment I chose was one where you had to chose a song in one genre and find a remix of the song in a different genre.

When I was on a boat with my boyfriend and his brother his brother played a song that sounded so familiar to me. It was not until a little later in the day I realized exactly where i knew the song from. The original version of Ready or Not is by the Fugees and it came out in 1996. The genre to this specific song is rap and hip-hop. If you are not into this type of music you can get the gist of the song and how it relates to the next song in the first 32 seconds. However, if you do not have Apple music to listen to any song go to the preview and continue to listen until there is a break in the rapping.

*when you get click the hyperlink it will take you to both artist’s album. Double click the song Ready or Not and listen to the whole preview*

The song I am comparing it to is Bridgit Mendler’s song Ready or Not as well. This song was released in 2012. However, this genre is associated with pop. While the words are very similar to each other the songs could not be anymore different.

I think personally I like the pop version because that is my favorite type of music. I love when you can just listen to a song and it can make you feel better.

Take a listen to both songs and let me know what you think about them!

I know I went over in the allowed number of stars, but I was looking through all 23 pages of assignments and these were the two that I really wanted to do.

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