All About Making Your Photos Better

When watching the video on tips for improving your photography, there were very few tips that I have never thought of but  one was get pickier. I think it is easy, especially when you are snapping with your phone, to just take multiple pictures and then analyze them. However, if you really take your time and plan your picture perfectly, you do not need to waste time looking through hundreds of photos to find the perfect one. I am a culprit of taking the same pictures over and over even if they are slightly different because of the subjects. The tip on studying depth and searching for dimension and distance will help me create better images. Since I read the tips I have gotten better at balance and finding the rule of thirds in all of my pictures.

When analyzing the Rosewood Center in Owing Mills, Md, and specificially Smashed Organ photograph, you understand the tips and techniques. For example, I see the get balanced technique. You can see that the organ itself falls into the center of the thirds rule. This is also a great foreground in front of a great background. In the fore ground you can see the story of the broken organ, but in the background there are chairs and tables knocked over, and dust everywhere. This picture is the ultimate definition of abandonment and jives with my vison of post-apocalyptic because it seems like something bad happened and this is all that is left.

This assignment was interesting to me because you its creativity. I completed my assignment with my sister’s boyfriend, my sister, and my mom. While I took all of the photos, they were there simply for the fun of it. We laughed as we quickly read a prompt and ran to the first spot I could think of that fit the assignment. I decided to do it in my house because I would have everything I needed in a relatively close area. Since I am a college athlete, competitions are always fun for me, and I looked at this as if it were a competition. I finished all of the pictures in 11 minutes, however there were a few that I struggled with.   An example is the prompt to take a photo with converging lines to draw us into the photo. This prompt took me the longest and I still am not very happy with how it turned out, but we only had 15 minutes. I think the most innovative photo is the one where my sister has my DS Instagram up. I believe this picture is cool and it also is a good advertisement for my Instgram.

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