Design Design Design Design!

# 1 Hero Machine 3 Character 

Today’s design task would be interesting to many people; those who are not only good at computer programs but also the individuals who have an artistic touch and love color and design. While on Instagram, there were many pictures of beaches because numerous people are on vacation.  There were also many pictures of girls in all types of lovely summer dresses. That’s where the inspiration comes from for this particular piece. This lady appears to be at some summer home with welcoming blue shutters. Her hair has streaks of blonde, which shows she has spent numerous hours in the sun. Her skin is is tanned and she appears to be going to an event where she needs to look nice. This design flows together well because of the design elements to include the warm colors. Her striking green eyes go with the plant and the red of her lips and blue of the shutters make the image pop! This photo was made on Hero Machine 3.

# 2 My Name in Cool Letters

Ever since I was a little girl I was a wild child. My hair was never brushed and I never had shoes on, but I was happy as a clam! My hair was blonde and I loved the color pink. This design perfectly represents who I was as a little girl. The craziness and jaggedness of the lettering, represented my personality. The pink represents me still being a little girl and loving my dolls. And the yellow represents the color of my hair. While this might not seem like a current trait of mine, it definitely was true when I was a child. Like My hair was was forever messy and that is how I lived my young and happy life. Try your name and tell your story and leave it in the comments!!

# 3 My Destination Postcard 

On June 28th, 2018 we sent my little brother away for 43 days to the Naval Academy for Plebe Summer. During these long, hard, and hot days they are pushed to their limits, yelled at in their faces and, worst of all, stranded without their phones. We can write letters to each other, but the letter he sent was so heartbreaking it was hard to read without crying. He wrote to us with pure sadness. Saying the hours feel like days and days feel like weeks. It is crazy to consider because he is only 4 miles away from home and some kids are 2,000 miles or more. However, when you are in this type of situation it all feels the same. When I moved on to this design assignment, this postcard was the first thing that came to my mind. It has been several days since we dropped him off early that morning and this was our very last hug. Since he is the baby of the family and is struggling every day I look at this picture and think about what he is doing constantly. That’s why thinking of him makes me smile, but thinking about what he is doing makes me sad for him.

# 4 T-Shirt Story

About a year ago, I was stuck on a small regional Mexican airplane heading on vacation to Puerto Escondido. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned into the scariest flight of my young life. I travel very well and do not get scared of much in the sky, but this flight changed everything. I was in Mexico City waiting for a jumper plane with my family to take us to the west coast of Mexico where we had our own house for the week. There were about 12 of us and the plane kept getting delayed due to severe weather. About 3 hours after our original time of departure our clan boarded. When we got to cruising altitude there was a ton of turbulence. I wasn’t scared until my dad, a pilot, made slight commentary about how he would not fly through a violent storm such as we were experiencing. Within about 10 minutes, the plane dropped and everyone started screaming. I started crying watching my dad look out of the window seeing black because it was night, red from the light on the wing, and white from the lightning. After finally touching down, instead of being able to deplane, they made us sit on the runway until the storm cleared. However, the storm never cleared and we were stuck on the runway for 3 extra hours. When the flight attendant got on the loud speaker and said we could leave at our own risk all 12 of the “stupid Americans” on the flight got right out and ran through the storm. While it ended up being an awesome vacation I swore I would never fly Viva Aerobus again… until the ride home.

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