Doggos on Doggos

Doggos Doggos Doggos. A term coined from twitter that embodies the slang and a comedic use of the word dog. Quite honestly, the word Doggos is what inspired and had the greatest impact on the creation of this short film. When thinking of dogs, more specifically, my dogs, I think of playful animals that are free-spirited. So, based on new and old film of the three dogs, the silliest and cutest parts were compiled. Ozzie (the husky) and Ellie (the Australian Shepherd) are well trained and hardly bark, so the puppy named Kennedy (golden retriever) provided the perfect satirical moment as she barked and fell over. Combined with the nature of “who let the dogs out” song, the Doggos provided the perfect conception of them within a video. Moreover, Doggos is just incredibly fun to say.

Check out the (fake) dictionary definition of doggos

And here is the assignment

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