How I Made This Masterpiece

Follow these quick screenshots of how I made my video of Spain!

First, you need to take all of the footage. For me, I used a GoPro for the videos, and my IPhone X for the pictures.

After taking all of the footage you have to download it in the GoPro app and save the ones you like to your desktop, or in my case my IPad (it is hard traveling with a computer).

Next, open the application you are going to use and download all of the media you want and start editing away! I decided to you IMovie.

You then want to pick a song and add it in!

After I found a song I liked and added all of the footage and pictures I wanted to, I downloaded an application to be able to make a few postcards. I decided that was the best way to add in the design aspect of this class. I will definitely use this application again. It was easy and cool!

I then added a few text boxes to my video and uploaded it to YouTube!

Make sure it is there and add the link!

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