No Words Just A Story

Take a listen to this assignment. While everyone was probably thinking about doing a typical morning like the example, I decided to do something a little different…

Could you guess it?

This assignment was given at the perfect time. I decided that the audio story was going to be inspired by a day at the clinic. When working in the medical field you have to control your emotions in every situation or you are left vulnerable in a room with an individual looking for many answers. There were very few times this summer when it was hard to keep cool. This visit was one of them but it was extremely necessary. As I said in the end of the week summary  I had to keep my cool when a patient had suffered from a major heart attack. He was in our clinic several days earlier for an acute issue so when I saw his name on the schedule I thought he had a simple question on the new medications we had prescribed. Little did I know, he had a major heart attack followed by a life-changing surgery. Here is his story… but maybe a little more dramatic!

No patient was harmed by the making of this audio story 

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