Tips and Tricks to Live By

These three resources have influenced my own approach to tackling design work in all different ways.
1.    Society cares about the way things look
2.    Just because something is legible does not mean it is communicable
3.    Colors opposite of the wheel are complimentary
4.    It takes courage to be a graphic designer, but it is not life threatening so have fun with it
5.    You stumble upon designing jobs
6.    Find the stuff where you might fail and in the end you can grow
I took these little lessons from each resource and put them together to realize that design work is all about having fun. To me, even though Scher was a little more serious she still stumbled upon designing and had a very successful, long and fun career. As I watched her video she convinced me that even I could be good at design work. She also taught me not to look for it but that it will come into your life. Carsons lessons included the idea that it takes a little bit of courage and a sense of humor to be good at design work. That you should have fun with it and experiment around a little. I think Carson resonated with me the most because of his personality. His TED talk was mostly past experiences of failed design work that were ridiculous but very comical. Finally, all of the tutorials were a very nice hands-on experience that walked me through many tips and solid reminders when designing. Scher’s work and the tutorials go hand-in-hand because Scher’s work is very funky with crazy colored and different sized fonts all over buildings. The tutorials helps you know how to pick the best ones and roll with them.

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